OxPA May 26 2009

OxPA meeting May 26 2009 Evening Walk On 26th May 2009 members marked the re-opening of the footbridge across the railway south of Oxford station by enjoying the walk entitled ‘Scott’s Oxford: South and West’ from OxPA’s book of walks,… Read More »OxPA May 26 2009

OxPA April 28 2009

OxPA meeting Tuesday April 28 2009 Open Discussion Topics discussed included: Recent County Council decision to implement 20mph throughout Oxford’s residential areas, and some parts of some main roads. We welcome this development but will continue to campaign for inclusion of… Read More »OxPA April 28 2009

OxPA March 24th 2009

OxPA meeting Tuesday March 24th 2009 Oxford’s First Car Club Speaker: Andy Henson We were fortunate in welcoming to our March meeting Andy Henson, one of the founding members of Oxcar, the East Oxford car club, who gave an informative… Read More »OxPA March 24th 2009

OxPA February 24 2009

OxPA meeting Tuesday February 24 2009 Transform Oxford Speaker: Martin Kraftl from the County Transport Planning Team Transform Oxford was launched in October 2008 as a “vision” for enhancing conditions for pedestrians in the city centre. Although details of how… Read More »OxPA February 24 2009

OxPA October 28th 2008

OxPA Annual General meeting October 28th 2008 Annual General Meeting Guest Speaker: Sir Muir Gray At our AGM we welcomed guest speaker Sir Muir Gray, who gave a stimulating talk on the “10,000 steps” campaign to increase national walking levels.… Read More »OxPA October 28th 2008