OxPA March 12 2012

OxPA meeting March 27 2012 Public Rights Of Way In Oxford City Speaker: Anthony Dale, Footpath Secretary of Oxford City Ramblers Tony described how the onset of Foot and Mouth disease in the countryside made town walking more popular, and… Read More »OxPA March 12 2012

OxPA February 28 2012

OxPA meeting February 28 2012 A City For Pedestrians Speaker: Gordon Reid, Oxford City Centre Manager Gordon Reid came to Oxford two years ago having worked in cities such as Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee, to improve the experience of pedestrians… Read More »OxPA February 28 2012

OxPA January 17 2012

OxPA meeting January 17 2012 Pedestrian Crossings – How They Work Speaker: Mike Best, Traffic Signals Officer, Oxfordshire County Council Mike Best gave an excellent illustrated talk on the way the different types of signalled crossings work. His knowledge and… Read More »OxPA January 17 2012

OxPA October 25 2011

OxPA Annual General Meeting October 25 2011 Walking Our Way To Happiness Speaker: Dr Andy Chivers Following our AGM, guest Speaker Dr Andy Chivers gave a highly informative talk on “Walking our way to happiness”. Based on the recent report by… Read More »OxPA October 25 2011

OxPA August 23 2011

OxPA meeting August 23 2011 Evening Walk in Aston’s Eyot An evening walk around the Aston’s Eyot nature reserve was enthusiastically attended by a group of 20 or so. Guided by Ruth Ashcroft of the Friends of Aston’s Eyot, we… Read More »OxPA August 23 2011

OxPA July 26 2011

OxPA meeting July 26 2011 Evening Walk: The Lye Valley We enjoyed a very interesting evening walk through the Lye Valley and Warneford Meadow. Expertly guided by Sietske Boeles, who has spent many years campaigning to protect the Warneford Meadow,… Read More »OxPA July 26 2011

OxPA June 28 2011

OxPA meeting June 28 2011 Paul Cullen Memorial Walk More than 20 of us met at Folly Bridge to follow Paul’s “Waterways” walk with Ros, members, friends, and several newcomers who had spotted the walk on the internet and Daily… Read More »OxPA June 28 2011

OxPA May 24 2011

OxPA meeting May 24 2011 Cross Directorate Working – It’s What It’s All About! County Council Officers Deborah Whelan (Environment and Economy) and Elizabeth Agar (Social and Community Services) ran a ‘double act’ presentation to Oxford Pedestrians Association (OxPA) at… Read More »OxPA May 24 2011

OxPA March 22 2011

OxPA meeting March 22 2011 Urban Nature Walks Speaker: Athene Reiss from BBOWT Athene outlined BBOWT’s interest in Oxford’s floodplain meadows. These “unimproved” meadows are of national importance because they support ecosystems becoming rare elsewhere. BBOWT is in the early… Read More »OxPA March 22 2011

OxPA October 19 2010

OxPA Annual General Meeting October 19 2010 Investing in the Walkable City Speaker: Paul Cullen At our Annual General Meeting for 2010, OxPA’s Chairman Paul Cullen presented his vision of a development strategy for Oxford and other British cities.