OxPA March 24 2015

OxPA meeting March 24 2015 Oxford Transport Strategy/LTP4 Speaker: Martin Kraftl from the County Transport Planning Team Martin Kraftl presented a clear outline of the main features of the new OTS/LTP4 to a packed meeting of pedestrians and cyclists. The stark necessity… Read More »OxPA March 24 2015

OxPA February 24 2015

OxPA meeting February 24 2015 A More Walkable Oxford The meeting focused on planning a new edition of Paul Cullen’s “A More Walkable Oxford” during which many helpful suggestions were made for updating what has become OxPA’s manifesto. We intend to take… Read More »OxPA February 24 2015

OxPA January 27 2015

Joint Cyclox, Civic Society and OxPA meeting January 27 2015 Winter Party The January 2015 meeting was our Winter Party at St Michael’s at the North Gate when we were joined by members of Cyclox and the Oxford Civic Society.… Read More »OxPA January 27 2015

OxPA November 27 2014

Joint Cyclox and OxPA meeting November 27 2014 The Station Masterplan Speaker: Fiona Piercy, City and County lead project officer for the Station Masterplan. Fiona gave an excellent illustrated presentation of the station proposals, clarifying the complex planning processes involved.… Read More »OxPA November 27 2014

OxPA October 28 2014

OxPA Annual General Meeting October 28 2014 Annual General Meeting Speaker: Amy Aeron-Thomas. Following the AGM, Guest Speaker Amy Aeron-Thomas, executive director of RoadPeace, spoke on“Justice, vulnerable road-users and RoadPeace”. We were given a vivid account of the work of RoadPeace over… Read More »OxPA October 28 2014

OxPA July 22 2014

Joint Cyclox, Civic Society and OxPA meeting July 22 2014 Conversation with the new City Centre Manager Speaker: Laurie-Jane Taylor, Oxford City Centre Manager. There was a well-attended and lively gathering to meet the new City Centre Manager. After giving… Read More »OxPA July 22 2014

OxPA June 24 2014

OxPA meeting June 24 2014 Evening Walk For our June meeting we followed one of the Oxford walks from the collection to which several members of OxPA have contributed. The guide to the Oxford Jewish Heritage Walk can be obtained at bookshops… Read More »OxPA June 24 2014

OxPA April 22 2014

Joint Cyclox, Civic Society and OxPA meeting April 22 2014 “A future for transport in Oxford City” Speakers: Councillor David Nimmo Smith, Chairman of the County Transport Advisory Panel and Cabinet Member for the Environment. Councillor Nimmo Smith’s presentation stimulated… Read More »OxPA April 22 2014

OxPA January 28 2014

Joint Cyclox and OxPA meeting January 28 2014 St Giles Campaign – Survey update Speaker: Keith Frayn Keith Frayn presented an interim summary of the findings of the OxPA survey of traffic in St Giles. The aim of the survey… Read More »OxPA January 28 2014

OxPA November 26 2013

Joint Cyclox and OxPA meeting November 26 2013 “A vision for a sustainable city” Speaker: Peter Headicar, Reader in Transport Planning, Oxford Brookes University We have to ask why is it so difficult for walking/cycling campaigns to succeed, in spite of the official… Read More »OxPA November 26 2013