OxPA Annual General Meeting
October 28 2014

Annual General Meeting

Speaker: Amy Aeron-Thomas.

Following the AGM, Guest Speaker Amy Aeron-Thomas, executive director of RoadPeace, spoke on
“Justice, vulnerable road-users and RoadPeace”.

We were given a vivid account of the work of RoadPeace over the last 24 years, towards achieving better treatment by the Police and Courts of victims and families of bereaved. There is still much work to be done to ensure comprehensive data to establish extent of injuries and criminal behaviour by drivers, and to get proper recognition that “road crime is real crime”. Topics covered included Sweden’s “Vision Zero”, role of the coroner, presumed liability (in many EU countries but not UK), civil compensation for road injuries, lack of road law enforcement, duty of care of drivers and Government, absence of road victims from the new “victim’s law” etc.

Amy was warmly thanked and invited to participate in the proposed Oxford “workshop” where groups such as OxPA and Cyclox could discuss these issues with magistrates, Thames Valley Police officers, and local politicians.