OxPA meeting
March 28 2017

Air quality in Oxford

Speaker: Mai Jarvis,  City Environmental Team Leader

Oxford city is required to monitor air quality and report to Government monthly and annually.  More than 40,000 early deaths in the UK are attributed to air pollution, and 5.6% of Oxfordshire mortality.  ClientEarth has challenged the UK government in court over its failure to reach EU standards and the government has now to draw up new plans.  However, Defra believes Oxford will meet required standard by 2020.

Air pollutants include NOX (oxides of nitrogen), ozone, Carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, particulates from engines, rubber & metal, generated both by vehicles within the City and blown in from further away.

Air quality is constantly monitored in the High, St Ebbes and St Aldates.  Current readings can be found at: https://oxfordshire.air-quality.info.

Mai outlined the history of Oxford’s attempts to deal with air pollution and current plans to meet EU standards: these include increasing cycling, improving infrastructure for charging electric cars and incentives to purchase them, car clubs, grants to taxi fleets to convert to electric, city exclusion zones for all but electric/Hydrogen vehicles.