OxPA meeting
June 27 2017

Street Audit: Cowley Road

South side (Righthand outbound direction)
1.   Zebra crossing outside no.6 is a bit steep for wheelchair users to turn where the pavement is narrow
2.   Circus Street needs a pavement extension; textured paving in poor condition
3.   Pavement at no.66: slope too steep for disabled walkers
4.   Pavement at no.76: slope too steep for disabled walkers
5.   Temple Street junction: pavement extension needed
6.   Narrow pavement at no.88 blocked with rubbish bins. Poor state of paving here
7.   Cycle racks outside no.98 obstruct the narrow pavement: move to other side of the road?
8.   Marston Street pavement extension needed
9.   James Street, pavement extension needed
10.  Between James and Crown Streets,  paving in poor state
11.  Outside no.158, post obstructs narrow pavement – ? move towards roadway?
12.  Bullingdon Road junction, textured paving in poor condition
13.  Leon Close, textured paving very poor condition
14.  Zebra crossing outside Manzil Way needs painting and repairing
15.  Outside no.258 pavement is in very poor condition
16.  Pavement east of SS Mary & John church in poor condition
17.  Crossing outside City Arms would benefit from installation of a zebra crossing

North side (righthand inbound)
18.  East Avenue would benefit from pavement extension
19.  Zebra crossing would enhance crossing outside no.177
20.  East corner by no.147 pavement damaged by tree
21.  Pavement uneven and perilous around no.129
22.  Marston/Rectory Road junction central refuge needs resurfacing
23. Jeune Street pavement extension is not on desire line – needs moving
24.  Pavement between Tyndale Road and Alma Place uneven, leading to trip hazards
25.  Opposite no.76, on North side, slope of pavement + badly sited pole on a narrow pavement make it difficult for wheelchair users to turn to cross the road.

General Comments
We welcome the presence of many pavement extensions but have noted other places where they could be installed.  We also welcome the existing zebra crossings but many need re-painting. The textured slabs at junctions and leading to crossings are mostly in poor condition.  In several places pavements are too sloping for people with poor mobility and we would recommend reducing the slope for most of the width, with a shorter incline at pavement edge where needed for vehicular access. There are several badly sited poles/bollards which unnecessarily obstruct the pavement and a group of bicycle racks on a narrow stretch that needs re-positioning.  Throughout its length from the Plain to Magdalen Road, there are many sections of damaged and uneven paving.