OxPA meeting
May 26 2009

Evening Walk

On 26th May 2009 members marked the re-opening of the footbridge across the railway south of Oxford station by enjoying the walk entitled ‘Scott’s Oxford: South and West’ from OxPA’s book of walks, ‘Oxford on Foot‘. The street name on both sides of the railway adjacent to the footbridge is Osney Lane, and this must have been the principal route between Osney, its abbey, and the city before the coming of the railway in 1844. Happily the footbridge preserves the route, and we commend a crossing of it to members. Fine views of the railway can be enjoyed from the bridge, and we were able to imagine the railway car park with one or two new terminating platforms installed, this being the proposal for relieving some of the congestion on the present northbound platform. On the east side of the railway we enjoyed views of the burial ground on the site of the former abbey, which travellers see as trains from the south approach the station. The walk took us along Oxpens Road, where we were able to imagine the changes that will occur when expansion of the Westgate Centre begins, and contemplate the fight ahead to conserve the wonderful green space that extends from Oxpens Road to the river. Let us hope that the madness driving the wish to develop land regardless of the cost, will not be allowed to take away this wonderful asset.