Oxford Pedestrians Association campaigns to make Oxford a better place to walk.  Conditions for enjoying streets and urban outdoor spaces in Oxford are blighted by crowding, obstacles, air pollution, and traffic issues. OxPA campaigns to improve these issues.

OxPA argues the case for better walking conditions by:

• Lobbying and working with the City and County Councils to improve our pavements

• Responding to consultations and proposals affecting the walking environment

• Holding regular meetings for people interested in walking as a form of transport

• Producing a regular newsletter distributed to all members and other interested parties

• Liaising and networking with other groups

• Auditing the walking environment

Oxford Pedestrians Association - OXPA
Oxford Pedestrians Association - OXPA1 year ago
#beingabollard Thank you to those who joined the successful OxPA action on Saturday. Your support is hugely appreciated and made the experience much less frightening.

Although the drivers behaved just as aggressively (i.e. shouting, swearing and using cars as battering rams) our strength in numbers meant that drivers were unable to force and bully their way though.

Many drivers again argued that there was no other way to drive without getting fined, and one person even said "If you don't let me through here, I've got to pay £60 to go through the bus gate [on High Street]". This highlights the entitlement of some road users; many drivers only follow road laws to avoid certain punishments, they don't consider the reason that the law exists. Oxford City Centre streets have unsafe levels of air pollution despite low-emission buses, and driving through pollutes the air we breathe, causing illness and damage to buildings, and disturbs residents. Furthermore, Oriel Square, as its name suggests, is not supposed to be a rat-run but a beautiful pedestrianised square.

The police officer at Oriel Square on Saturday said to drivers who argued against the action, "You're about to try and break the law, they're trying to stop you breaking the law, so they're within their rights. Under section three of the Criminal Law Act, any person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstance. They're using reasonable force [to prevent you from driving through, which would be illegal], so what I suggest you do is you turn around and go the other way."

Until the council fixes the cameras and bollards, we will continue to be the bollards at random times and days each week until drivers learn that they are not entitled to break the law. If anyone is interested in joining our action, please message OxPA with your contact email and availability and you will be added to our mailing list. We are creating rotas of groups of six so that we can safely be bollards and reclaim this pedestrian space.

Videos of the action can be found on our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPHxPqP3KH05E4oKOinaog