OxPA Tuesday 28 July 2020

OxPA meeting Tuesday 28 July 2020 Active Travel Meeting of OxPA 28th July 2020 via Zoom   Notes of meeting to be circulated to OxPA membership   Attendees: Sushila Dhall (Chair), Keith Frayn, Don O’Neal, Peter Headicar, Ruth Davis, Susanna… Read More »OxPA Tuesday 28 July 2020

OxPA 23 June 2020

OxPA Meeting via Zoom 23 June 2020 Pedestrians Post-Lockdown Speaker: Iain Nicholson, the City Centre Manager, addressed the meeting on arrangements for Pedestrians in the City Centre post-Lockdown. Attendees: Sushila Dhall (Chair), Keith Frayn, Don O’Neal, Deborah Glass Woodin, Mary… Read More »OxPA 23 June 2020

OxPA 26 May 2020

OxPA meeting Via Zoom 26th May 2020 Lockdown for Pedestrians Attendees: Sushila Dhall (Chair), Keith Frayn, Don O’Neal, Peter Headicar, Susanna Pressel, Ruth Davis, Chris Cowley (Secretary) The meeting discussed life on the streets during Lockdown and what OxPA should… Read More »OxPA 26 May 2020

OxPA March 28 2018

OxPA Annual General Meting March 28 2018 Buses in Queen Street Speaker: John Paine, National Pensioners Convention The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) is a large national organisation with 15 regional bodies and thousands of local groups representing hundreds of thousands of… Read More »OxPA March 28 2018

OxPA October 24 2017

OxPA meeting October 24 2017 Re-visioning Oxford MEMBERS’ COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS Pedal rickshaw or electric shuttles across ‘ Cornmarket gap’  from bus stops near Martyrs’ Memorial to bus stops for East Oxford. All buses electric. New Park and Ride on… Read More »OxPA October 24 2017

OxPA July 25 2017

OxPA meeting July 25 2017 Street Audit: Botley Road REPORT OF AN OxPA AUDIT OF BOTLEY ROAD ON JULY 25 2017   OxPA members walked west down the south side of Botley Road and east back towards town on the north side.… Read More »OxPA July 25 2017

OxPA June 27 2017

OxPA meeting June 27 2017 Street Audit: Cowley Road South side (Righthand outbound direction)1.   Zebra crossing outside no.6 is a bit steep for wheelchair users to turn where the pavement is narrow2.   Circus Street needs a pavement extension; textured paving… Read More »OxPA June 27 2017