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A walking map for Headington

Oxfordshire County Council was allocated £5M directly from Department for Transport under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, to ‘encourage the use of high quality public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing, supported by targeted travel planning approaches’.  The main component of the project has been the enlargement of the Thornhill Park and Ride site, but it also includes the new cycle hire scheme and improvements to pedestrian links to Thornhill.  One output of particular interest to OxPA has been a map of walking maps in the wider Headington area in a simple A3 format. This is about to be released, and will be distributed via the County Council’s Travel Hub, community venues, and the library in Headington, hospitals, and the university sites in the Headington area. The map is intended to encourage people to walk journeys that they might otherwise make by car, and also contains interesting information about the health benefits of walking (for instance, the claim that walking an extra 20 minutes each day will burn off 3 kg of fat in a year).