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Links to other organisations with which OxPA shares interests, ideas, or ideals:

Pedestrian Liberation: "Pavements are for people".

Oxford Civic Society - striving for the continuous improvement of Oxford.

Cyclox - Oxford Cyclists' Organisation. "Don't cycle on the pavement or jump red lights".

Living Streets - the UK charity for everyday walking.

Wirral Pedestrians Association - progress on pavement parking and 20 mph limits.

Playing Out - activate street play in your neighbourhood.

Streets Alive: "Helps residents to organise their street parties".

Roadpeace: "The UK charity providing support for victims of road crashes (please do not call them 'accidents') and campaigning for justice, road safety and road danger reduction".

Brake: Stop the carnage. Care for the victims.

20s Plenty for us: Campaign for 20mph as the default speed limit on residential roads in the UK.

NHS Choices: walking for health.

Contact your MP or Councillor via the web. All you need is your postcode.