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Campaigns and Activities

You tell us!
We want to hear your views on what we should be campaigning for. You can contact us by email, letter, or phone.

St Giles
Together with Oxford Civic Society and Cyclox we are pressing for a major revision of what could be one of Oxford's most beautiful public spaces. See REPORT.

A vision for Oxford's centre
This summary of our hopes for the future has been produced in response to an invitation from the Leader of Oxfordshire County Council.

Health and Wellbeing
Walking brings both social and health benefits to people of all ages. See the evidence we submitted to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs.

Pedestrians are not second class citizens!
Transport policy has for too long given priority to the convenience and efficiency of motor traffic. We lobby local and national government to give specific consideration to the needs and rights of pedestrians in the use of public space. See our response to the Department of Transport's consultation on "making Britain's roads the safest in the world".

Pavement Parking.
We have long campaigned against the obstruction of pavements by parked cars and have protested against proposals to formalize pavement parking in East Oxford. Pavement parking is antisocial, dangerous, damaging to the shared environment and, where causing an obstruction, illegal.

Other pavement obstructions.
In its Yellow Ribbon Campaign Oxpa drew attention to obstruction of pavements by unnecessary or ill-designed clutter. Abandoned bicycles, are another characteristic feature of Oxford life. Other obstructions include wheelie bins, lamp posts, and thoughtless roadworks signs.

Broad Street.

We want to see Broad Street restored to its former glory. We would like car parking removed from the central area, with an appropriate number of disabled parking spaces around the periphery. Along with the Oxford Civic Society and Oxford Consumers’ Group we conducted a survey of driver and pedestrian views in October 2002 (see Report Summary) and we continue to press for a design worthy of this important part of our historic City.

Lower speed limits.
Congratulations to the County Council for the 20mph limits on residential streets in Oxford. This is something for which we campaigned together with Cyclox, Life Begins at 20, and Residents’ Groups. In an Oxford Times on-line poll 60% of respondents approved of the change.

Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4).
See OxPA's response to the latest consultation.