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Oxford is a beautiful City, beautiful to visit, beautiful to live in, and above all it can be beautiful to walk in. But too many of our streets and open spaces are made unpleasant by noisy and fast-moving vehicles.

Pedestrian crossings may be inconveniently placed and with badly programmed traffic lights. Footways can be of poor quality, with uneven paving stones, damaged kerbs, and steps ill-designed or plain dangerous (as in Bonn Square). Even moderate rainfall leaves puddles for cars to splash on to pedestrians. The pavements are too often obstructed by wheelie bins, parked cars, tumbled bicycles, discarded road signs, and bus queues. There are not enough pleasant pausing places and seats.

Local and National Authorities have long given too much priority and privilege to motor transport and traffic movement. This must change. Streets belong to everyone.

Oxford Pedestrians Association was founded in the mid 1990s when a group of friends decided to work towards making Oxford a better place for people on foot.

Our aims now, as then, are:-
· To promote walking as a means of travel and recreation
· To campaign for the safety and convenience of pedestrians
· To ensure that the interests of pedestrians are respected in transport planning and implementation

If you would like to join us, see our Contact page or email us at oxford.pedestrians.association@gmail.com