Working to make Oxford a better place for people on foot


We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm in Oxford Town Hall.
Unfortunately, meetings are currently cancelled until we are able to use the Town Hall again.

Live issues

Hope at last?  Our Councils, as reported by the Oxford Times, have been thinking about making Oxford's streets "less unpleasant" places to walk in. Could this concern for quality of life rather than maximising traffic flow be the start of a new planning era ? There are even suggestions of a congestion charge and reduction in the "dominance of buses". See the recent report, and the Oxford2050 Consultation.

Healthy Streets. Transport for London (TfL) has published a Guide to ten indicators of Healthy Streets as places that attract pedestrians of all ages and backgrounds and where people prefer to walk, cycle, or use public transport rather than drive a car. TfL has also provided a checklist for designers to rate their plans for street layouts against Healthy Street criteria.

OxPA goes walkabout. We have begun a series of street audits to identify what could be done to make life easier and safer for pedestrians of all ages and abilities. See our comments on Cowley Road and Botley Road.

Buses in Oxford - a solution, or part of the problem? See the comments at our discussion meeting.

Hope for St Giles. Together with Oxford Civic Society and Cyclox we are pressing for a major revision of what could be one of Oxford's most beautiful public spaces. See St Giles Report.

See our News section for information on other events at local and national level.


Oxford on Foot. See here for more information about this popular OxPA book - £6.00 + £1.00 post and packing.

A More Walkable Oxford. OxPA's prescription for what needs to be done to create a better environment for pedestrians in Oxford. Price £2.50 including postage (see shop) or free download.

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