Working to make Oxford a better place for people on foot


Tuesday November 28th at 7pm in the Town Hall.

Details to follow.

Live issues:

OxPA goes walkabout. We have begun a series of street audits to identify what could be done to make life easier and safer for pedestrians of all ages and abilities. See our comments on Cowley Road and Botley Road.

Buses in Oxford - a solution, or part of the problem? See the comments at our discussion meeting.

Hope for St Giles. Together with Oxford Civic Society and Cyclox we are pressing for a major revision of what could be one of Oxford's most beautiful public spaces. See St Giles Report.

Queen Street U-turn. Buses, taxis and bicycles were to be banned from Queen Street. Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet, overruling an earlier decision, decreed that the street should be fully pedestrianized. Higher authority has now decided otherwise. The concern is possible danger to the large numbers of shoppers expected to visit the new Westgate Shopping Centre.

Walking and Cycling Commissioner (but only for London). Will Norman has been appointed full-time walking and cycling commissioner. His job is to help more Londoners to be active by making cycling and walking safer and easier in the capital. He was previously global partnership director of Nike, a company that markets sporting kit.

Congestion Charge for Oxford? Although the leader of the City Council rejected the idea, 58% of the public responding to an Oxford Times on-line poll were in favour of a congestion charge to provide funds for improvements to Oxford's traffic problems.

See our News section for information on other events at local and national level.


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